How We Choose our Top Online Slots

We have used to following criteria to select the top slots games available at online casinos. These are based on tests which we have done, basically playing loads of slots for hours on end. After testing, we decided on what for us makes an online game great.

  1. Interface
    – When playing through all the various slots games, we found that the interface was extremely important for us in making the right decisions when to pull and when to gamble your winnings. The interface is the set of buttons which control how many lines you play, how much you bet, and generally how you interact with the online slot machine. A good interface design will be intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, functional and efficient.

  2. Game Features
    – as online slots gets more varied, designers are constantly bringing out slots games with more and more bonus features. Bonus features are the extra mini games which are built into the slot machine, and they are normally activated when you hit a specific combo on a payline. Features range from mini games of racing, selection, cards or anything else the designers can imagine. In our selection, you’ll find some Marvel inspired slots which have great bonus games which reflect the comic books.

  3. Payout Structure
    – the pay table is amongst one of the most valuable bits of information for any good slots player. It tells you the number of paylines which pay out, the combos required for winning lines, the scatter and wild symbols and above all what conditions and rules apply to the slots game and the bonus game you are playing.

  4. Software
    – online slots games are developed all the time, with constantly improving speed, graphics and playability. It’s important still though to look for slots developed by reputable software developers. It ensures that there will always be future upgrades and provide security for knowing that your financial transactions are being handled securely.

  5. Graphics and Sound
    – even with the best software and best interface you aren’t going to win over anyone without decent graphics and sound. It’s important to have good graphics which depict the theme of the slot machine you are playing. Just as much as it is important to have atmospheric sound effects. These help to make the online game more authentic and as close to the real game as possible.

  6. Jackpots
    – this is ultimately what you are playing for. The top prize of the machine, win when you hit a specific special combination of symbols. There are slot machines with normal jackpots which offer a multiple of your wager, and then there are the big progressive slots games. The progressive slots games are those which are linked across many online casinos, and have a top jackpot which is pooled amongst all players playing it. These can often grow enormously and there have been several million dollar winners of slot machines in the past.

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